In 2016, 437,465 kids were in foster care. In 2018, thousands of children were forcibly separated from their parents by the American government.

Were you, or are you, in foster care—or are you a foster care advocate? We want you to send us your work to publish: poetry, fiction, a letter to your local government. We want to hear your perspective and provide a platform for your voice. Note: We cannot provide payment at this time, but we will provide support and educational resources.

Our editor Lisa Marie Basile, a former foster youth, will work with you. You can contact her here: lisambasile [at]

We realize that many foster youth experience lasting trauma reactions: constant fight or flight mode, depression+anxiety, & physiological issues—and we want to recognize & give voice to that struggle.

We also recognize, more importantly, that foster youth are resilient, creative, kind, successful, and inspiring. At Luna Luna, we believe that encouragement, positive messaging, love, inclusion, and compassion is critical.

If you’re a foster parent, get in touch. If you’re a former youth, reach out.

We love you.