Nasty Gal Sells Witchcraft Goodies Now, You Guys

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 1.10.19 PM.png


They're also doing a 30% off sale on their black clothing (we know). 

While you're shopping for this velvet strap mesh bodysuit or this cage bra  or this insanely expensive vintage Chanel vest (because they sell vintage Chanel, of course), you can also pick up your magic supplies. It might feel a little like Urban Outfitters' randomly pagan-heavy displays (we've indulged), but their items are practical and thoughtful.

Their HausWitch HausCraft spell kit is a dream. For $52, you can get a wooden treasure box, potions, herbs, candles, pouches and instructions (+more) on manifesting personal success. It's adorable, well-crafted and useful!  

These mega-geniuses are also selling the Species By The Thousands Spell Releasing Kit.  It's all about cleaning up that negative energy! If you're dealing with some darkness (and not the kind we love here at Luna Luna, this kit will allow you to funnel your energy into willing that badness away, because sometimes ritual just makes things feel more official. With a smudge spray, candles, sage, a Palo Santo stick and a moonstone, you can clear up any space you're in and welcome the light. 

Also, hello pretty little pink smudgestick. 

Holiday gifts for the little witch in your family, anyone?