THE LUMINOUS will be a 25-poem e-book. Each poem will be an incantation or spell — in that a spell or incantation is a thing of intent, a manifestation of the internal, a form of power that is silent and shapeless. Poems for this project should encounter the idea that light wins. That we are on fire with dissent. That it is a radical thing to embrace one's goodness. That it is an act of revolt and ultimate power to embrace oneself and others in spite of oppression, judgement and silencing. That our bodies are our own. That our stories will not be buried. That hatred cannot prevail. That we are made of light. This is a book of power. 

Each submission should be fully justified in block form, like this block below. Each piece should have a one-word title (if you do not prefer to use titles, that's OK). See the block below for more information on submissions. SUBMISSIONS CLOSE NOVEMBER 30. #TheLuminous


We accept submissions + pitches (we love pitches but complete stories are amazing) at lunalunasubmit @ from everyone – especially women, writers of color, or anyone who has struggled to be seen, heard, or taken seriously. We support emerging and established writers, and we are not impressed by the minutiae of the author biography. We love voice. 

We prefer you paste the content in the body rather than attach a document. No PDFs. Please send all submissions with a bio. Simultaneous subs are fine; we get it. See below for specs around payment, rights, editing, etc. 

For more on general submissions, go here.