The Monthly Ritual

Luna Luna hosts a monthly flash contest [we loathe the idea of a "contest," because we think it's reductive—but for all intents and purposes, this a 'contest' (although we like to think of this as a monthly writing ritual] in which we announce a theme on the first day (or right around then) of each month. The nature of the contest is very contingent on the theme being announced on-spec, without any notice. Why? To bolster creativity and spontaneous response. And because we like the adorable idea of a hundred+ poets all over the world writing together yet separately on one idea. We hope this contest can be something you look forward to monthly—a little light in the dark—a little something strange and fun you can do at the beginning of each month. And because the contest runs at the beginning of each month, it's like a little birth, or a little ritual of creativity to welcome in the new month.

There is no monetary prize, and no print publication—but Luna Luna will publish your work digitally, pair it beautifully with art, design it, and promote the hell out of it on social. There is no such thing as a "loser," we simply pick the poems (not the poets—we do not base our pickings on bios or accolade) that deeply speak to us. We will pick 1-3 winners, unless we decide to change the rules—which may happen because we are poets ourselves and our hearts are large. 

How can you find out about the contest? We announce it on the site and on social media.